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Project 01

Media performance -
providing insights and information about Gynaecology and HPV

Aagje Bais is a regular invited speaker for local (UAE) and international media outlets. In case of enquiries for presentations, interviews please contact us.

Project 02

Platform Dutch Doctors Dubai

This platform functions as base for Dutch medical professionals working or interested to work in the UAE.

Aagje Bais is the founder as she was the first in the region to amend the MOH & HAAD Tier accreditition system and paved the path for future Dutch doctors applying for a licence.

Now we have a collective of medical professionals ranging from consultants to physicians and family practioners. We exchange experience, ideas and discuss how to make our presence stronger and being able to provide the best and safest healthcare for our patients.

Project 03

Blog spot

As active blogger for the leading Dutch Medical magazine Medisch Contact I write regularly on the developments of the medical profession and especially the Middle East based on my experiences. Its goal is to leisurely inform fellow colleagues on the whereabouts of my UAE adventure.

Project 04

Company presentations

Regularly I am being asked to give presentations to organisations (private and government) on gynaecology and all things related to typical female medical issues. Depending up the target audience I strive to make the gynaecology topics as accessible and understandable as possible.


Just a sample of my different additional projects. To see more or discuss >>

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